It is a very good energy product. One of the most important benefits of pollen is its energizing and revitalizing properties. It increases work capacity and lowers blood pressure. The effects of pollen consumption begin to be noticed after a few days, increasing resistance to fatigue.

  • Stimulates appetite: Taken before meals, pollen can have excellent appetizing properties, resulting in a good appetite stimulant.
  • Indicated for intestinal and liver problems. Bee pollen is also taken for liver and digestive problems in general.
  • It is good for anemia: Taking pollen supplements is good for anemia, as it favors the production of red blood cells, it also helps healing, so it is indicated in case of ulcers.
  • Ideal for stimulating the mind: Bee pollen is indicated for conditions such as anxiety, irritability, and nervousness. It is also commonly taken to improve intellectual capacity, being beneficial for study.
  • It is useful for the elderly, children, and pregnant women: it is ideal for restoring vitality, which is why its consumption is recommended for weak, convalescent, stressed, elderly, and pregnant women. In children, pollen stimulates growth.

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